Sunday 2 April 2023, Poradnik bezpieczeństwa

They stole 174,000 Zloty from her by a remote desktop. However, she does not have to pay it. The verdict is clear


According to the portal, a woman from whom such a large amount was extorted does not have to pay it back.

How did this deception happen? The thieves called the victim from the bank's official telephone number using a spoofing technique. The person who called her knew the victim's personal details, so that made the scam process much easier. She even knew part of the victim's credit card number. A purported bank employee ordered QuickSupport to be installed. This is a remote access application.

What happened next?

Thanks to this, the scammers gained access to the victim's account and took out loans for 99,000. zloty. Finally, 174,000 zloty.

The victim realized during the theft that something was wrong and called the real bank at the same time from her second phone.

Action finale

Due to the fact that the loan is not a transfer and there was no gross negligence in terms of security. The court found that the woman was not aware of what exactly was happening and for this reason, the victim did not have to pay 174,000. PLN of the loan taken out for it.