A new malware called Sign1 is being installed by hackers on a growing number of websites, mainly those based on WordPress. Discovered by Sucuri, Sign1 allows users to be redirected to unsafe sites by implementing malicious code in widgets, HTML plugins, and Simple Custom CSS and JS add-ons.

So far, the infection has affected over 39,000 WordPress sites, with further growth forecast.

Source: komputerswiat.pl

Friday 19 April 2024, Safety Guide

POLAND vs Hackers in 2023.


In 2023, there were over 80,000 incidents related to cyberattacks, an increase of over 100 percent in overall use.

Criminal gangs, hacktivists and hackers actively operate at the state level. Poland was a victim of cyberattacks that were made available to obtain information, recognized ICT systems and disrupted dangerous infrastructure. The Ministry of Digitization plays a key role in the National Cybersecurity System, supported by three CSIRT devices - NASK, GOV, MON and a new team being established:

NASK Cybersecurity Center

The NASK Cybersecurity Center project started in 2023. Possibility to take advantage of opportunities in the protection of ICT infrastructure at the national level.


GitHub user netsecfish disclosed a vulnerability (CVE-2024-3273) affecting older models of D-Link NAS devices, including the DNS-320L, DNS-325, DNS-327L, and DNS-340L.

He indicated that there is a risk for over 92,000 people. devices connected to the network, allowing attackers to exploit the vulnerability and then take control of the device.

There is one problem, and it's a big one. Devices are not supported.

Therefore, it is recommended to replace them due to lack of updates (EoL). It is also recommended to isolate or limit access to devices that can be used to execute commands. The risk is the result of oversight rather than intentional placement of a backdoor.


The answer is simple. Due to an employee's error.

When sending an e-mail, the employee included the data of 300 payers. The email was sent to the vice president of the trade union. What was found out? ZUS spokesman Paweł Żebrowski in an interview with praw.pl informed the Personal Data Protection Office and the prosecutor's office about the leak, and all payers will also receive information about the event.

The email sent included, among others:

  • PESEL numbers
  • ID cards
  • dates
  • place of birth

    Additionally, the employee will face prof


Experts warn about a new virus circulating on the Internet, which uses a popular antivirus to infect mobile devices and deceive users in order to gain money.

An improved banking Trojan is more difficult to detect and defeat, which favors cybercriminals. They warn to be careful with things downloaded from the Internet, as hackers are using increasingly creative fraud methods, including fake SMS messages and impersonating services encouraging people to download a fake McAfee Security application.

An improved version of the Vultur banking Trojan can cause serious damage, and new tactics by cybercriminals make it important to be vigilant. The Trojan can take control of the device, install applications, delete files and bypass t


A few days ago, Medily's customer data was leaked.

The data leak had its source in the servers of Medily, which provides Aurero software used to manage visits to various clinics throughout Poland. In its statements, Medily indicated that it had multiple layers of security in place and that the compromise occurred on a test server, not a production server.

The problem is that the test server contained patient data that should have been deleted in 2021.
The clinic's privacy policy shows that it processes data such as:

first name and last name,
PESEL or date of birth,
Phone number,
e-mail adress

there is also a description of the t

Tuesday 26 March 2024, Safety Guide

Attack on The North Face?


The VF Group, which includes the popular outdoor and lifestyle clothing brand - The North Face, has most likely been the victim of a hacker attack. The company warns customers about a possible security breach of their personal data. The attack took place on December 13 and included unauthorized access to some of the company's IT systems. There is a risk of leakage of personal data such as e-mail address, name, surname, telephone number and address.

Although there is no certainty about the leak of detailed bank or payment card data, the company is taking steps to protect customers. A process for removing attacking entities has been implemented. Also company informs that cybersecurity specialists have been engaged.

It is recom


Millions of users may fear for their data, after the hack into France Travail and Cap Emploi, personal data, birthdays, e-mails, residential addresses and telephone numbers were leaked. According to Infosecurity Magazine, the hack occurred on February 6, and the case was reported only on March 8.

Fortunately, login details and banking information were not leaked.

Source: cyberdefence24.pl

Tuesday 12 March 2024, Safety Guide

Avast antivirus sold user data


An antivirus that sells its users' data is quite controversial. According to the FTC, this was the case with Avast. The antivirus allegedly acted contrary to the application's assumptions and policy.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will fine Avast $16.5 million. Is a program that is supposed to protect the user working to his detriment? A place like this shouldn't happen.

However, Avast reported that the data sold was devoid of personally identifiable information. However, the FTC claims that the data was purchased to be associated with a specific user.



which you don't know how to get out or you need help. You don't have internet, GPS doesn't work. What to do in such a situation?

Well, the new Android 15 system comes to the rescue, and it probably includes free satellite communication.

According to the portal instalki.pl: "The smartphone will automatically connect to the satellite when there is no cellular connection - it is recommended to be in a spacious place where you can see a clear sky."

However, free calls will likely only be made when sending help to emergency services.

It is worth mentioning that Apple recently introduced such a solution.



This week, about 6 million entries were published on the Tor forum called Cebulka, which were supposed to contain Polish users' login details for the most popular portals.

How were the passwords stolen? There is a probability that they were downloaded from users by means of malware, so-called "stealer". Once infected, it downloads all the passwords on the victim's computer and sends them to the creators. Additionally, it is quite likely that the database is very up to date. It can be concluded that it has data even from 2023, and the number of victims is estimated at over 100,000 victims.

Example domains and number of items:


The 82-year-old answered the phone and was informed that there were burglars in the block. The person who deceived her was a woman impersonating a policewoman.

Unfortunately, the woman was manipulated. She packed 150,000 in a plastic bag and ... threw them over the balcony to be "secured" by the police. What did the scammers do next. They took the bag with the money and ran away.

Why do older people get fat? Probably too much trust in people and especially in the services. Lack of knowledge about fraud trends. Such a person is unlikely to use the Internet, so there is no way to be informed what scams exist and whether sim