Can cameras on police uniforms improve the behaviour of both the officers and civilians during emergency actions? 

Interesting experiment was conducted at the Cambridge University .The work of police officers in Great Britain and California was analyzed. Entire experiment lasted the whole year, and the registration of the work of officers took place with cameras installed on uniforms. The time of registration of police activities started from their departure from the police station, all the way to the finishing the duty. 

What effects did installed cameras bring about? 

Without them, there were &a


Lost house keys, car keys, phone..... How many times has it happened to you to look for above mentioned things before going to work or school? We had this problem not just once.

According to research, you spend ten minutes a day seeking mislaid objects. 

It was also proven that men are head and shoulders above women when it comes to  losing domestic objects regularly. What is more, it often leads to quarrels between partners. 

Bus tickets, credit cards, coats rank among the most popular group of lost objects. What's interesting 1 out of 10 people admitted to having lost their car at the parking lot near the mall. We are able to misplace 9 things daily, and during the entir


Each of us heard about dangerous viruses attached to the mail. The Trojan, which had been sent to the mailboxes, blocked the access to the data stored on the user's hard drive. 

One of the Polish printing houses was the victim of the similar attack. The entire case was described by TV Polsat news programme - Wydarzenia. 

With one click, the company lost 20 years of their work. Additionally, the  cybercriminals demanded the ransom for decoding the files.  

How did it happen? 

The message with the atta


English police put forward an interesting idea. Producer should install the system of remote control in every single vehicle and the police would have access to it. In this way, the system would facilitate intervention for officers, for example the driver doesn't want to stop for a check -  one click and the car is stopped.