Wednesday 1 February 2017, Safety Guide

Stealing money from ATMs - bank cards


This week news associated with robbing ATMs on so-called "glue traps" spread. Warsaw officers caught the citizen of Romania red-handed who tried to take off the cover to which banknotes withdrawn by customers stuck. 

Cash is a dominating manner of payment by Poles, although the number of non-cash operations is increasing constantly. In times of payment by ATM cards so-called skimming is becoming more and more popular. It  consists in copying the content of the magnetic stripe from our card, in order to make the duplicate. This type of crime is also commonly used in ATMs, both by scanning the magnetic stripe of our card or getting the PIN code with the additional cam installed at the top of the ATM. 

Wednesday 1 February 2017, Safety Guide

Thefts from bank accounts


More and more simplified procedure of authorizing bank transactions encourages thieves to empty our bank accounts. While browsing through Internet forums or the latest news reports from the police, we learnt that the frequency of stealing money from bank accounts is growing.

We do not have to look far, in April this year police busted the criminal group which from 2012 stole 94 million PLN from bank accounts worldwide, due to the TIMBA virus. The virus intercepted data from bank accounts of companies, colleges, offices, as well as individuals. Next stolen money was transferred to opened banking accounts in the Ukraine and Russia. 

We must take into account that

Wednesday 1 February 2017, Safety Guide

Car thefts, burglaries


Looking into police reports, the phenomenon of car thefts is decreasing from year to year. However, this number is still high, in 2015 12 634 stolen cars were reported and detectability is placed within the limits of 22 - 25%. Nevertheless, the police do not disclose the information how many cars were found before being dismantled. 

What are the most frequent places of the thefts? 

In the top five, we will find: a street, a car park, a car park next to a shopping centre, the garage and the fuel station. The smallest number of thefts was recorded on dual carriageways and in forests. 

If you are the owner of


Do you remember our entry about the theft of documents and a few pieces of advice, what to do in such a situation? 

Today we wanted you to realize, what consequences we can suffer, when our documents or personal details fall into the wrong hands. 

Identity theft consists in the unlawful possession by third parties of our personal details as name, surname, address, PESEL number or the number of a credit card. 

Why would anybody need our personal data? It is obviou


With the arrival of spring, we can officially start the bicycle season. 

However, the increasing number of bikes translates into the growing number of thefts. Officially, last year 20 thousand two-wheeled vehicles got lost and how many thefts were not reported?

This number can be four times higher. 

According to police statistics, the bikes are mainly stolen from basements, staircases and balconies situated on lower floors. Most people who report the theft left their bikes completely unattended and without any security measures. 

While purchasing the bicycle we have to make sure that a serial number of the bike's frame is appended to a

Wednesday 1 February 2017, Safety Guide

Cameras on police uniforms in Poland


Do  you think that cameras on police uniforms can improve the behaviour of  both officers and civilians during emergency actions? 

The long-term program of the modernization of uniformed forces in Poland will include the registration of the work of police officers with the cameras installed on police uniforms. 

Some time ago we wrote about the work of police officers with cameras installed on uniforms and the  interesting experiment conducted at the Cambridge university.  It was demonstrated that the awareness of the


The Internet swindler stood trial. One click on the link is a loot  for a swindler and for the person who clicked it translates into a sentence. 1200 aggrieved parties and extortion of over 1 million PLN. 

The trail of suspected Krzysztof H. commenced . The man is suspected of Internet frauds. According to prosecutor's office , during one month the man extorted over 1 million PLN from thousand people. We invite to the blog. Be vigilant while opening e-mail messages. 

The content of the mail was enigmatic "it is urgent please explain", and there was a  link which directed us to the website which required  the accepta


Another attack by cybercriminals, this time they were impersonating the Stargard Szczeciński regional court. 

It is not the first time when we describe the situation, in which cybercriminals try to steal our data using e-mail message with infected attachment. 

Swindlers send mails with the alleged invoice. If we will click the attachment,  we can infect our computer with a dangerous virus. Mail seems to be credible because hackers got through to the domain of the regional court in Stargard. The court issued a


The bank which is a part of Tesco group withheld online transactions after hackers attack on the accounts of about 20 thousand clients of the bank in Great Britain. 

During the weekend, bank monitoring transactions system took note of suspicious operations on about 40 thousand accounts  and money disappeared from almost a half of them. The part of clients claims that these transactions were performed abroad. According to the British press, the sums up to a few thousand pounds were withdrawn from accounts. The bank announced the compensation of the losses  but still they did not explain how all the money was withdrawn from the accounts. 

Customers of Tes


Empty streets and dark corners can be a matter of concern, in particular, when somebody is coming back late at night, but thanks to special applications the residents of Canberra in Australia know, which places should be given a wide berth. 

With the mobile application and the special website - WCHM Safety Mapping Survey Tool- the Australians decided to take care of their safety. By the application or directly from a website, the residents of Canberra can mark the dangerous spots on the map of their cities which for some reason make them feel endangered. 

The website is managed by Women's Centre for Health Matters foundation and financed by Australian government of capit


Can cameras on police uniforms improve the behaviour of both the officers and civilians during emergency actions? 

Interesting experiment was conducted at the Cambridge University .The work of police officers in Great Britain and California was analyzed. Entire experiment lasted the whole year, and the registration of the work of officers took place with cameras installed on uniforms. The time of registration of police activities started from their departure from the police station, all the way to the finishing the duty. 

What effects did installed cameras bring about? 

Without them, there were &a


Lost house keys, car keys, phone..... How many times has it happened to you to look for above mentioned things before going to work or school? We had this problem not just once.

According to research, you spend ten minutes a day seeking mislaid objects. 

It was also proven that men are head and shoulders above women when it comes to  losing domestic objects regularly. What is more, it often leads to quarrels between partners. 

Bus tickets, credit cards, coats rank among the most popular group of lost objects. What's interesting 1 out of 10 people admitted to having lost their car at the parking lot near the mall. We are able to misplace 9 things daily, and during the entir


Each of us heard about dangerous viruses attached to the mail. The Trojan, which had been sent to the mailboxes, blocked the access to the data stored on the user's hard drive. 

One of the Polish printing houses was the victim of the similar attack. The entire case was described by TV Polsat news programme - Wydarzenia. 

With one click, the company lost 20 years of their work. Additionally, the  cybercriminals demanded the ransom for decoding the files.  

How did it happen? 

The message with the atta


English police put forward an interesting idea. Producer should install the system of remote control in every single vehicle and the police would have access to it. In this way, the system would facilitate intervention for officers, for example the driver doesn't want to stop for a check -  one click and the car is stopped.