The security of Bulgarian e-mail has been compromised by the use of ransomware. The incident happened before the Orthodox Easter holidays.

The two main areas affected are postal mail handling and the payment of retirement benefits.

About a week before the attempt to pay retirement benefits, the attackers broke into the Bulgarian e-mail server. The day after the payment of benefits (April 15), encryption of the Bulgarian mail servers began. Backup servers also fell under the attack.

According to Bulgaria's deputy prime minister:

     6,600 computers, 100 servers are attacked
     3,000 computers were over 15 years old


2020 was a very difficult year for people using mobile devices (and computers). Lockdown made many of us stay at home and reach more for phones, computers.

What was 2021 like? Was it worse or better?

Here are some of the methods that fraudsters used to harm users in 2021.

    Receiving a parcel - a method of infecting a phone, popular in 2021, thanks to which those who harm us could, after we enter the link to collect the parcel, steal login details to bank accounts and infect others from our contact list on the phone
    Updates of the regulations in well-known e-mail services, eg Onet or WP. We get a warning that due to the change in the reg


In the letter that we receive by e-mail, we can find out that it contains allegations (subliminally against us) of sexual nature, erotic and pedophilic materials and other serious allegations that are intended to cause panic in a person, who reads this message. In addition, crimes inform that the addressee's data will be made available to the media and appropriate "anti-pedophile" services. What is important, if we get something like this, under no circumstances should we download or click on any links that were included in such a message. Opening these types of links might install viruses on your computer, which then leads to data loss. Let us not be intim


We have received unofficial information about a massive attack.

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According to niebezpiecznik.pl, for a certain period of time it was possible to see the numbers of the land and mortgage registers. Because of the land and mortgage register numbers, you can know who is the owner of the property, how it was purchased, its features, information about the mortgage, also the PESEL number and the names of the owners' parents.

How did this happen? Chief Surveyor of the Country - Waldemar Izdebski informed of niebezpiecznik.pl that it could have happened due to the recent changes in the methods of securing access.

Quoting Waldemar Izdebski's statement:

"For two years, the land and mortgage register numbers have been hidden in the geoportal on the basis of the decision of D

Tuesday 5 April 2022, Safety Guide

Apple is fixing bugs again


As reported by bleeping computer, a few days ago Apple released an update to

  •     iPhone 6s and above
  •     Mac OS Monterey
  •     iPad Pro
  •     iPad Air2 and later
  •     iPad 5th generation
  •     iPad mini4 and above
  •     iPod touch 7th generation

Two of the vulnerabilities allowed the attacker to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. Bugs were reported by anonymous use


According to FBI statistics, people over the age of 60 are at greatest risk in terms of extorting money.

In 2021, seniors in the USA lost over PLN 7 billion.

Why and how? It's easy. Older people who are not aware of what can wait for nothing on the Internet may succumb to their naivety. A senior who receives a message from someone who is pretending to be a granddaughter may really think that it is someone close and after a long conversation is able to send money to that person.

The second way fraudsters use is by dating sites. When someone is lonely, they look for other people to spend time together and then they look for friends on the Internet.

How to protect yoursel

Wednesday 23 March 2022, Safety Guide

Microsoft confirms that was hacked


One of Microsoft's employees fell victim to a data leak. A few days ago, the hacker group Lapsu$ released 37GB of source code stolen from several Microsoft projects, including Bing, Cortana, Bing Maps. Everthing was stolen from the Azure DevOps server (referred to as "a Microsoft product that provides version control, reporting, requirements management, project management, automatic builds, testing, and version management." This now gives you an insight into how specific products were created by Microsoft.

The Lapsus$ hacker group has also tried to attack companies such as NVIDIA, Samsung, Ubisoft, and Vodafone in the last


After receiving a lawsuit from several large film studios, TorGuard decided to enter into a settlement obliging it to block torrents on its network. Americans using this solution with a TorGuard VPN will have a much more difficult time downloading movies from illegal sources. What does the VPN can? It allows you to connect to servers around the world, This allows you to display our IP address like we are from other country.

For example, if we connect to a server in America, people on the Internet will see our IP as if we were from America. This is why many people use a VPN to watch movies on Netflix. Because they can't watch it from their country.



As Sekurak reports,

An unexpected message from the WebGPU IPC framework could be used as an exploit to create crafted links that could then be used to take control of the user's device.

Simply put, we should now update Firefox on our phone, computer, and the Thunderbird mail client.
You can download the current version of the software from the official website, here: mozillla.org

Source: Sekurak


Microsoft has officially announced that it will block macros in Microsoft Office. What are macros and how have they been used to expose users to data loss?

Macros are "mini-programs" which allow you to automate monotonic tasks in programs from the Microsoft Office suite. The problem with them was that if we downloaded a file from the Internet (an unknown source), it could use macros to take control of the victim's computer or steal data. Microsoft has opposed this type of procedure and decided to block macros for files from the Internet by default.

Recall that some of the first macro gaps were exploited as early as in 1997. Are you happy about this update?


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In January, Microsoft made a major update as part of the "patch tuesday". They announced the existence of 97 new exploits, some of them so-called zero day. What are zero day exploits?

These are the vulnerabilities in the system that are the biggest risk for user and nobody has heard of them yet. Microsoft detected 8 of them and described them as critical.

The patch has already been released for Windows 10 and 11 and it is recommended to download it.

Source: Techradar


This time, the topic of theft in the digital world came from this good side.

For some time now, the world-famous group Anonymous has been playing Russia on the nose, which is due to this

of course, this country's attack on Ukraine.

This time as a result of a break-in at the control center of the Russian space agency Roskosmos

Russia has lost control of its spy satellites. Own, spy satellites :)

You can read the whole thing on the Newsweek website


Fraudsters once again impersonate an electricity supplier, informing recipients of text messages about the alleged underpayment.

According to the editors of the portal dobreprogramy the content of the message is identical, only the date on which the electricity is to be cut off has changed.

Content of the SMS: On November 15, electricity shatdown are planned! Please make the pay: https://go.sv/naleznosc-pge-g5h9a
The message contains numerous errors, does not include any Polish characters and includes a typo. The SMS is sent from multiple numbers. Based on Twitter posts, the editorial office created a list of phone numbers from which fake messages are sent:
+48 502 947 217
+48 572 994 059