Friday 4 November 2022, Poradnik bezpieczeństwa

They created a fake Gimp website which allowed them to hijack your passwords


As reported by the portal, the Google search engine noticed a page pretending to be the popular design program GIMP - the free equivalent of Adobe Photoshop. After typing "gimp" in Google we could see ad in the search engine at the top. Everything looks as if it was a real advertisement of the program. The problem arose when we clicked on the link. After clicking on the link, it then took us to a page that looks identical to the official gimp site, but the site address was slightly changed to make it legit.

What happened after we downloaded and tried to install the fake Gimp? A virus / malware was installed on the computer that allowed hackers to access passwords, cookies, Telegram account credentials, email application credentials (Outlook, Thunderbird), and cryptocurrency wallet data.