Friday 24 May 2024, Poradnik bezpieczeństwa

Biden's AI-generated vote was intended to discourage people from voting for him.


Months after the New Hampshire presidential primaries, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a ruling regarding fake phone calls with President Joe Biden's AI-generated voice. FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced the introduction of similar regulations as in Europe. During the New Hampshire primary, in the days before the vote, residents received calls in which AI imitated Biden's voice, encouraging them to stay home instead of voting.

The FCC imposed fines on political consultant Steve Kramer, responsible for these fraudulent calls, and on VoIP operator Lingo Management. Kramer was fined $6 million for violating the Truth in Caller ID Act by spoofing, and Lingo was fined $2 million for failing to verify caller information.

New Hampshire's attorney general also got involved in the case, accusing Kramer of impersonating a candidate and stopping voters from voting in 13 cases. According to Public Knowledge's John Bergmayer, the fines imposed by the FCC are intended to act as a deterrent for the upcoming presidential election.