Protect car

Protect your car

Apart from the house or apartment, for many families the car is their most valuable property. Of course, you want to protect it against theft and damage. The two most popular solutions at the moment are car alarms and GPS.

A car alarm system includes not just anti-theft sensors to detect if a window is broken or the car is hit, towed or lifted, but also an anti-hijacking feature and an immobiliser. The former immobilizes the vehicle if it has been taken over by an unauthorized individual, and the latter prevents its being started.

A complementary (or separate) solution is a GPS tracker installed in a hidden place that reports the current location of the car. Thieves might use GPS jammers, so some GPS trackers feature anti-jamming systems that notify the car owner of any attempt to obscure the signal. Some of the more advanced trackers also come with a microphone that records conversations in the car and a feature to trigger the alarm if the car leaves a specific area.

There are also companies offering GPS tracker monitoring services: dedicated personnel monitor your vehicle 24 hours a day, and if anything happens, such as it being stolen, an intervention group is quickly dispatched.

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