Protect data

Protect your data

The 21st century is the century of technology. We are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, both in our professional and personal lives. It is difficult to imagine what life would be like today without email, mobile phones and social networking services. Yet every coin has 2 sides: modern technologies come with many risks, including hacker attacks and malware. Fortunately, we are not completely defenceless in the face of unfair practices, and observing a few simple rules is often enough to ensure basic safety:

  • Install licensed software

Using pirated applications and operating systems provides only illusory savings. Note that unlicensed software often installs viruses and spyware which, besides infecting your computer, can access your confidential passwords and logins.

  • Invest in antivirus software

Antivirus software does not cost a fortune, but it provides effective protection against unexpected dangers.

  • Apply software updates

Even if you have licensed software, you should remember to keep it up-to-date. Fraudsters are usually just one step behind and as soon as a new product appears on the market they start to look for a way around its security features.

  • Never share your data

Under no circumstances should you disclose your login details for email, social networking or online banking accounts to third parties.

  • Never click links of unknown origin The same applies to opening email attachments.

The above list is not exhaustive, But is just a starting point for an in-depth analysis of the problem of data protection. If you have any question or would like to learn more, contact our specialists.

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