Protect yourself

Protect your property

Mobile phones, keys, bicycles and computers are often lost due to theft… or our own forgetfulness. Everyone has left something valuable behind at some point in their life: a tablet on a seat in a tram, a phone in a fitting room, a set of keys while walking the dog. But there is a way to protect your property and locate it quickly if stolen: GPS. In the case of a phone, all you need to do is install a special app.

Protecting your phone in this way is quite straightforward, but things seem to be a bit more complicated with computers, bicycles or keys. And yet you can also protect them using a personal GPS tracker. How does it work? Attach the tracker to your keys or other valuable item and view its location on a special transmitter or mobile phone. Just like tracking people and pets, you can determine the area where the item you look for should be located at the moment. For example, if your bicycle has been stolen, you will receive a text message notification when the thief leaves the building. You will also get instant updates about the current location of the stolen item.

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Protect your documents

Every entrepreneur and anyone who works with important documents on a daily basis knows how valuable they can be – and how much time it can take to find lost documents. To avoid stress and allow you to focus on your work instead of looking for documentation, consider investing in an RFID-based system for managing the flow of documents in your office. The name might seem complicated, but the system itself is very easy to use. It is a virtual manager that keeps track of which documents are currently “dormant” and which are in use.

The system not only records the fact that a document is being used, but also the person who is using it. This guarantees comprehensive protection and continuous monitoring of your documentation, and ensures it is kept in order. Another feature of RFID technology is document authorisation, which allows you to confirm the authenticity of documents. This is particularly useful in avoiding counterfeit risk.

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