Monday 20 September 2021, Poradnik bezpieczeństwa

Takeover of funds from the account by the Ministry of Finance – fraudulent SMS


Fraudsters pretend to be a bank and try to extort money from bank accounts. In the text message sent, they inform about an attempt by the Ministry of Finance to take over funds from the account. The chance to save the money is a fraudulent “overnight deposit”.

According to the Computer Security Response Team of the Polish financial sector, fraudsters pretend to be the ING Poland bank. The text of the SMS sent by the fraudsters reads that due to an extraordinary order of the Minister of Finance on saving the economy, funds on the corporate checking and saving accounts will be nationalized in the amount of 30% of the balances. Savings account will be free from takeover.

Fraudsters claiming to be the ING bank offer the victim’s company, as a way to keep the funds, to transfer them to an overnight deposit, which will be returned to the company’s account the next day. The text of the SMS contains the account number to which the money should be transferred, along with the title of the transfer.

The message is personalized as it contains the name of the company registered for the owner of the number.