Thursday 30 September 2021, Poradnik bezpieczeństwa

A new type of BLIK, courier services BIK Alerts service frauds


Two new types of scams have emerged, aimed at extorting money.

Cybercriminals have created a fake Google Play Store page that leads you to download a fake BLIK.apk application. According to the Computer Security Response Team of the Polish financial sector warns, the malware contained therein is able to steal online banking login details. Moreover, the BLIKmobile app does not exist.

The second type of fraud that the CSIRT of Financial Supervision Authority warns of is the fraudulent impersonation of the DPD courier company and the BIK Alerts service (Credit Information Bureau). Fraudsters report a surcharge related to the courier service linked to the “courier tax”, which supposedly is prepared by Ministry of Finance. However, the domain impersonates the popular grupabik service – BIK alerts. In order to obtain information on how BIK Alerts actually work, it is best to check their official website.