Wednesday 6 October 2021, Poradnik bezpieczeństwa

SMS campaign for a lost wallet


The latest “lost wallet” SMS campaign is designed not only to steal data from the phone, but also to access your bank account.
Fraudsters send an SMS in which they inform about the alleged finding of a wallet with money and documents.

Content of the SMS:
Hello, today I found a wallet with money and documents, there was this phone number inside. Here is a picture of your wallet, is that yours?

The scammer’s goal is for the potential victim to activate the link attached to the message which leads to the fake Adobe Flash Players website. In order to see the picture of the walled that was found, the victim must install the fake application. According to TECHNOSenior, installation is associated with obtaining unlimited access tot the device by the fraudsters. Scammers are able to remotely unlock the phone and take over the data stored in it, including interception of login and password for online banking, social media.

Be careful what you install.