Monday 22 November 2021, Poradnik bezpieczeństwa

National Immunization Programme lottery – another phishing campaign


By impersonating the organizers of the National Immunization Program lottery fraudsters once again want to extort data from people who were vaccinated against COVID-19.

In addition, potential victims are misled that the next edition of the lottery has started, addressed to people who were vaccinated with the second or third dose of the vaccine – depending on the preparation taken earlier.

The above fake news has been denied on the official profile of the #SzczepimySię campaign.

Niebezpiecznik announced another phishing campaign, which was delivered by email to one of its readers. The message even contained congratulations from the Minister of Health. As usual, the message includes a link that leads to the page where the “lottery winner” must confirm their data by providing a PESEL number, phone number or home address.
Remember that information about lottery winners can be found on the Lottery website of the National Vaccination Program.