Friday 5 April 2024, Poradnik bezpieczeństwa

Hackers trick people into downloading fake McAfee antivirus


Experts warn about a new virus circulating on the Internet, which uses a popular antivirus to infect mobile devices and deceive users in order to gain money.

An improved banking Trojan is more difficult to detect and defeat, which favors cybercriminals. They warn to be careful with things downloaded from the Internet, as hackers are using increasingly creative fraud methods, including fake SMS messages and impersonating services encouraging people to download a fake McAfee Security application.

An improved version of the Vultur banking Trojan can cause serious damage, and new tactics by cybercriminals make it important to be vigilant. The Trojan can take control of the device, install applications, delete files and bypass the lock screen, making it difficult to detect and neutralize. It is recommended to be careful and download applications only from reliable sources.